A plan for my 40th time around the sun

I turn 40 soon. No big deal. Except this is the first time I’ve been aware of age (well since being young enough that quarter years mattered).  So I figure I’m due some sort of mid-life crisis.

Update:  I give myself a pass grade on this, but only just!  The 40 by 40 challenge definitely added a lot to my 40th year, but there were also some “new” things that I didn’t make happen – but that’s ok – leaves more for the next year 😉
Of course, life is actually pretty good.  I did the quit my job and do something crazy about 15 years ago, I’m pretty good with a Frisbee and I’ve spent the last 3 years living and working from different locations around the globe, so there’s not much to rebel against.
So I have a plan.  Well more accurately I stole the plan from the indubitable Head of Blue at SKChase (thanks Kris).  My 40th year is going to be an outstanding year full of  challenges and new experiences.  I’m going to grow as a person, rack up some great new memories and generally get on with making life awesome.
I like systems, so here is my system for how this will work. (Weird I seem to have a scheduled, planned and structured mid-life crisis, nothing like the way the rest of life has been so far!)
A plan for my 40th year
Here’s how it works:
Three “Epics”: These are big things which are going to take huge effort across the year.  Build my new business (which is stubbornly placing my values front and centre rather than just profits), finally work on learning a second language and an epic physical challenge (which is likely to be a multi-week event around Oct).
A number of personal growth challenges: things that force me out of my comfort zone and therefore possibly open new doors in life.  These will require some time & effort and thus be more than “make that phone call you’ve been putting off for weeks” type of things.
A number of physical or fitness events or goals: these are mostly to give me a reason to keep training and combat the march of time on my body 🙂
And finally, each month I will search out new experiences.  Just fun things, places, activities; small stuff that adds up to an fun life.
All these will add up to 40 and exactly what each thing is, well, time will tell.
Measuring success
“It’s all about the taking part”.
Quite often that has (and is) not true for me. However, it really is the foundation of this plan.  Success will be whole heartedly entering into each and every one of these, with no expectations of the outcomes.  At times I will be disappointed or unhappy or even fail. Thats fine too. In fact that is one of the things that will make my 40th interesting enough to distract me from the fact that there has been 40 of them…

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  1. Looking forward to hearing about the progress and developments of your 40th year Barry. I need to get my 40 4 40 back on track.

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