A request: does this person exist?

I am looking for someone to help with a digital product. It’s a challenging project, without a clear path forward. It is also incredibly exciting and impactful on a global scale. And it has the potential to be even more so. I’m looking for someone to help make that potential become reality.

It’s a social business operating on a non-profit basis. The product is providing support to medical professionals in low resource settings globally. It is literally improving health outcomes and saving lives. (Contact me for more specifics.)

But, unlike recruiting for a normal job, I can’t tell you exactly what the role would entail – because I need someone to work with me to figure that out.

The ideal person would be interested in social entrepreneurship, international development and global health inequality and have a background in medicine.

This person would be involved with everything. That could be discussing a new business plan, changing the business model and structure (a social enterprise? coop? something else?). It will definitely include supporting, training and spending time with users. It will probably include speaking to new and potential clients. It is likely to include learning about and participating in product management.

I’ve wondered if the correct term is “co-founder”. There is a basic salary and an opportunity for some sort of equality/ownership. However, as a purpose led initiative, there will never be a big money exit.

It could be a social entrepreneurship “apprenticeship”, because there is so much opportunity for experiential learning.

For the right person this could be part-time (around studies or a family for example). Initially it would be a 12 month commitment.

The role is unclear, the opportunity is exciting and none of it will be easy. The right person could co-create the role that works for them – while helping grow a truly impactful social business.

So here is my question: how do I find the “right” person for this challenging and very vague role?

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