“Business without meaning is just annoying admin”

You know that feeling you get when things seem too hard?  When your goals and ambitions get lost in a forest of details, complexity and questions?

I felt like that this morning.  In fact I was starting to question wether my public statement of intentions was just a bit silly.  Sure loads of other great people and businesses have built success based on their values and not solely on the bottom line. But who am I to think I can do the same?  I can’t even clearly answer simple questions about my business.

You may recognise some of these feelings and identify with the downward spiral that they often signify the start of.  I did.  There is even a growing sense of honesty in the way entrepreneurs and startups talk about how this affects them[1].

However, I’m slowly learning to spot the spiral sneaking up on me and sometimes even do something about it earlier.  That’s encouraging, because if I can do that then maybe, just maybe, I can also reach the goals I’m going for.

So if, like me, you are trying to start something that is rooted in your values and are feeling in need of inspiration watch this video.

This is Jack Hubbard of Propellernet, one of Europe’s top marketing agencies, and one of those places that would be really great to work for.  He describes what he calls  “bucketlist business planning” by telling his story. He attributes the success of his company directly to the success of his team, by putting people first and having a unifying goal that is more than “make money”.  (Note that I do not say “instead of make money”.)

I picked out a couple of quotes that really struck me:

“Instead of making happiness a goal for tomorrow, we design it into our everyday experience. And we are more successful tomorrow because life is better today.”

“Hire amazing people and focus on their dreams.”

“Music without meaning is a bunch of noises, business without meaning is just a bunch of annoying admin.”

Basically he is managing to say much of what I am attempting to articulate myself (and have been for many years), and he’s saying it much better.

The quote most applicable to my earlier selfish feelings of doubt and insecurity is “we were not trying to change the world, we were just trying to change our world”.  I can do that.  In fact I change my own world. Everyday.  And I bet you do too.

So back on the horse and full steam ahead.  Since writing the “Next Steps” I have been in Turkey and attempting to build the foundations of the new business.  It is both challenging and exciting. Today I took the time to reconnect with why I am doing this.

Here is my first stumbling attempts to summarise the goal in one sentence:

“We are driven by the ideal that our work should be valuable both financially and in a broader sense, for us and those we have the honour of working with AND that this can be done while living a well rounded, rewarding life.”

If any of these ramblings interest, puzzle or challenge you, I’m always up for chatting more.  Perhaps we can help each other?

3 thoughts on ““Business without meaning is just annoying admin””

  1. A great read Barry – and I loved Jack’s presentation. It all resonated on many levels. Great to see that your new business is progressing – pioneering stuff and the truest incarnation of a virtual team that I have come across. Who says that location is a barrier to business?!

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