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Stop wasting time!

One of my current challenges is being efficient, not just in how I work but in what I do.

I see lots of advice and comments on this, there seems to be an endless supply of schemes and programs that are aimed at helping productivity.  The problem is that its too easy to get caught up in the system and lose track of the goal.

So I’ve come to a conclusion: there are two things I will concentrate on, everything else is window dressing.  When I am better at these I achieve more and am happier about it.

This isn’t rocket science, when I focus on one thing I get it done.  When I’m trying to do lots of things (or think about lots of things) I get nothing done.

So why am I spending so much time in the ‘blue’ region?

 Achieve, not just spend time
There is too much to do, absolutely no way that I can fit in everything I want to.  So obviously the challenge is deciding what to do.  From a personal perspective this is boiling down to choosing those things that I feel are most important and/or enjoyable.

From a business point of view I am not yet doing well on this.  A huge amount of my time seems to be used up on the stuff (mostly technical) that I could be delegating, outsourcing or otherwise getting done differently.  Of course, there are lots of reasons; “I can do it better”, “it takes to long to explain”, “can’t afford it”, “its what I’m good at” and many more.

That’s not good enough.

My resolution from now is to change things so that all my time is on the most important parts of the business. That will be challenging personally, practically and financially; but it is the only way that I or the business can grow.