Want to improve the success of your web development team?

Routinely delivering web application development and web site projects on time and on budget requires experience and taking the time to stand back from the coal face to look at the big picture. We all know how hard that is to do regularly and consistently. Even the best management and development teams will feel a lack of control sometimes or go through unpleasant periods from time to time.

To get the most from your development team you need experienced, high level strategy and process input.

I have been involved in web development for more that 15 years. During that time I have been part of and managed all kinds of projects both large and small. I have worked with many different types of people and have had my fair share of project successes and failures. Of course, I continue to learn every day and apply those lessons to my ongoing web development projects.

Over the years I have discovered a passion for strategy: for finding the right balance of process, communication, technology and people that delivers the best results without compromising budget and timelines. Its fun, the sort of thing I spend my spare time learning more about.

Can I use all this experience and passion for strategy to help you?

I have a limited number of monthly web development strategy consultancy slots. The service involves one day per month working with you and your team. I will take the time to learn about your team, your current processes and your goals and challenges. We can then work together to step by step improve your results over time.

Some of the areas we might look at include:


  • Recruiting and keeping top technical talent
  • Culture in technical teams
  • Technical skills development
  • Motivating developers


  • Team ownership of the right processes for your company are vital to successful delivery of technical projects
  • Use of technology for success, rather than being used by it

However, the key to success is an ongoing relationship where I can help you reach your targets and help you take your development team and processes in the direction that you choose.

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Free Consultancy Hour

I am available for any consultancy on any aspects of the above services for 1 hour at no cost.  Calls can be arranged on Skype, Google Hangout or by phone.  I enjoy discussing and helping with all types of software and web projects and would love to talk.  The focus of all my consultancy is to help you; I am always impartial and am not selling anything during the call 🙂

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Charities and Social Enterprises

Please get in touch to discuss your charity or social enterprise software or web development project.  I am always delighted to extend free consultancy and offer special rates for interesting projects of this type.

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