Something Amazing?

So I came to a conclusion the other day while sitting in my “office” in Sa Pa (northern Vietnam) looking out at the cloud shrouded mountains.

I am doing something amazing.

Not just a thing, or a good thing or even a great thing; but something that is truly outstanding.

There are two significant parts to this for me.  The first is that doing something so cool is obviously significant, but the second is a subtler and probably even more personally significant. I am actually aware that it is amazing and am confident enough to talk about it.  The latter is such a big deal because it represents a huge break from my usual Northern Irish (and Scottish for that matter) self-effacing, “I’m sorry you stood on my foot” lack of self confidence.

That is a big step.

Don’t get me wrong, nothing is perfect and this thing I am doing is not unique (oops, slipping back into devaluing it, maybe I’ve only taken a little step after all).

So what am I talking about?  Well I am glad you asked:  I can work from pretty much anywhere on the planet; and I am actually doing it!

I can have a location independent lifestyle, be a digital nomad or whatever the coolest term is now. My skills, business and life have reached the point that I have been talking about for an extremely long time.  That I find amazing!

Earlier this year I was going to my “office” in Uganda in the living area of my new friend Harry’s house in Kampala (check out – its truly inspiring). And I’ve just spent 2 months in Vietnam moving “office” every week or so as I slowly made my way from Saigon (HCMC) to these beautiful (if a bit damp) mountains in the north.

I’m properly working as well, putting in longer hours in Vietnam than I have recently in Scotland, plus I have become rejuvenated about both my current business and future opportunities.  All while having a great time exploring this gorgeous, fascinating, challenging, fun country with food to die for!

Not bad, even if I do (finally) say so myself.

2 thoughts on “Something Amazing?”

  1. Hello Barry – glad to see you blogging and having a good time in Vietnam. Are you on an extended working holiday, if that’s the right term – I assume you are coming back to Edinburgh!

    I know starting a blog feels odd because you think you’re writing for an audience of one, certainly at the start. But there are people out there…

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