Success: one day at a time

How is success measured for you?

Earning the money you need for the lifestyle you want? Having and keeping a happy family? Lots of travel and experiences? Climbing the career ladder? A big house full of all your stuff? Respect in the eyes of your peers? Having a positive impact on the world around you? Simply enjoying life? Reaching a comfortable retirement? Success in sport?

I haven’t yet worked out exactly what success looks like for me.  To make it even more confusing it seems to have changed at different times in my life, or even on different days of the last week! Looking back at this summer (Northern summer that is) one day does leap out in my memory as successful.

Not that it was the only day, very far from it, I mean I had an actual summer, with sun and everything (sorry, probably I wouldn’t find that funny if I didn’t live in Scotland).  Just that this day seems to typify how I currently measure success.

The day in question I was in Nah Trang, Vietnam and it went like this: up at 7am for a run along the beach a swim and a run back. Grab some breakfast on the way back to the hotel.  Several hours of productive work.  Out for lunch to a little cafe with welcoming local staff and excellent food.  Oh and Wifi, so that I could spend a few hours under a fan getting more work done.  In the late afternoon I take a short walk to explore the town, then back to the hotel for a shower and a quick Skype meeting & more work in the Air Con.  Followed by a wonderful Vietnamese dinner from a busy little outdoor place.  Finally a couple of beers and a night time walk along the beach to bed before 10pm.

Is that it?  Boooring!  None of the people or activities that are really important to me. Not full of adventure and excitement. Plus I had an upset stomach and so couldn’t stray too far from a toilet!

Yet I still look back on it as one of the most rewarding days this year.  Weird.

So what amazing insight have I learned from this introspection?

B*ggered if I know.

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