Thailand and Digital Nomad-ism

Simone Working Koh SamuiI am constantly blown away how rewarding, challenging, fun and generally a “good thing” being location independent is.

If you are stuck in a rut or miserable with your job then you need to start looking at the joys and benefits of simplifying life.  You don’t necessarily need to go so far as to be travelling the world, setting up office where ever your laptop happens to be, but the principles are invaluable. Down sizing, focusing on what is important and prioritising the level of freedom and control  that you want from life can really be world changing.

You may be thinking “yeah, that’s fine for him, but I have x, y and z to consider”.  Well, if you are happy then ignore me.  Otherwise it is important to realise that change comes from within.  Indeed, if you worried about family, costs of life, business or career success then learning a little from the “lifestyle business” mentality could be even more important.  Important personally, socially and financially!

To find out more I recommend checking out people like Natalie (who plays Ultimate BTW), Dan and Tim, or just Google for “Digital Nomad” or “Location Independence”.

Oh and if you are cringing from any negative connotations of  the term “lifestyle business” then see successful business owners like this guy who embodies many of the same principles and has several successful businesses.

I am currently hanging out and working from a little place on the beach in Thailand, so its easy to be positive minded from here!

Simone is blogging about our travels here


Of course, its not ALL rosy, this made me laugh the other day:

location independence humour

Huge props to Terry Lin for creating this.

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